There is so much to discover in this forest we call home!

Shannon found a leopard slug near her home in West Vancouver and kept it in an aquarium for the children of Cleveland to observe during the residency.  Imagine her surprise when Leppy laid not one, but THREE  nests of eggs!  At first she thought Leppy must have a secret admirer who was visiting the aquarium at night.  But Laura set things straight when she explained that slugs are hermaphrodites, capable of reproducing all by themselves!

Leppy and his/her many baby slugs love to feast on mushrooms.  Slugs are the creatures that help disperse mushroom spores throughout the forest.

Laura shared lots of other amazing slug facts.

Did you know…

Slugs breathe through their skin? Which is why it’s important to pick slugs up with leaves so the oils on human skin don’t clog the slug’s skin and make it difficult to breathe.

Slug slime is a natural defense? Slug slime doesn’t taste good to predators.  In fact, it numbs their mouths!  When raccoons eat slugs they carefully roll the slug in dirt to take off the slime!

Slugs have 30, 000 teeth? These teeth are microscopic and called radulae (picture below on the right).  Next time you find a slug, give it a crisp piece of lettuce and put your ear up close…the loud crunching you’ll hear is definite proof that slugs have lots of chompers!